Tell your network about FrontCore

Tell your network about FrontCore and get 20% off your next subscription period.

Perks & Benefits

Earn a 20% discount on your next FrontCore subscription period by referring us to your training provider network. If any of your referred companies signs up for FrontCore, this is what happens*:

  • The referred company will receive 20% of the value of the package they subscribe to.
  • You receive 20% off the next subscription period of your current plan, or a larger plan (if you sign a new contract within 1 month of the referred company signing a contract).
  • You can refer up to 5 companies within the same 90-day period.

*Provided that the company you are introducing us to is a company we do not already have an ongoing process with.

Get 20% off

How it works

The FrontCore referral program is easy. These are the steps towards your 20% discount:

Step 1

Tell your network

Share information about FrontCore with your training provider network and prompt them to sign up for a demo with us. Ask them to mention you as their referral. Or you could simply just use this form to tell us about the company you would like to refer, and we will reach out to them for you.

Step 3

They start using FrontCore

Your referred company signs up within a 90-day period after their first demo. They receive a 20% discount of the value of the package they choose to subscribe to.

Step 2

We show them FrontCore

The referred party will be invited to a meeting with FrontCore, where our system will be shown and relevant information shared.

Step 4 finish

You get your 20% discount

You receive your 20% discount on your next payment period. But it does not have to stop here: You can refer up to 5 training providers within the same 90-day period, and get up to 5×20% discount on your next payment period (if they all choose to subscribe to FrontCore).

Q&A bouble

Frequently asked questions

How do I get my discount?

After your referred company has signed up for FrontCore, we’ll add your discount to your next payment period. 

Do I have to be an existing FrontCore customer?

No. Anyone who refer their partners to us, ending in a signed contract, will be eligible for a discounted subscription rate (within the nest payment period) – even training companies who have not become a customer prior to referring.

Is there any downside to this referral program?

Unless you’re not a fan of discounts – No.

When will I get my discount?

You will get the discount when your referred company signes up for FrontCore within a 90-day period from when they had their first demo with FrontCore. The discount will be applied to your next payment period. 

I have more questions. Who can I ask?
Don’t worry, we have a team ready to help you with any questions regarding our referral program. Ask you question(s) by using this form, and someone will respond to you as soon as possible.
How many companies can I refer?

Every FrontCore customer is limited to 5 referrals each, with the offers holding a 90-day expiration (sign up) date. 

I don't have time to reach out to my friends. Can you do it for me?

Of course! Just use this form to inform us about training companies who might be interested in a training solution like FrontCore, and we’ll reach out to them for you.

When will the referred party get their discount?

They will get their 20% discount on their first payment period. 

I want to upgrade my FrontCore subscription to a bigger package. Will I still get the discount?

Yes. If you sign a new contract within 1 month of the referred company signing a contract, you will get the 20% discount on your newly signed contract.

Do I get a discount if I introduce you to an existing customer or someone you already have an ongoing process with?

No. You must introduce us to a completely new company (to us) if the customer referral discount is to apply.

Refer a business now

Tell us about someone in your network who might need FrontCore. We’ll make sure both you and the referred business get your discounts if they sign up for FrontCore within 90 days.