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Grow profitably with a Training Management System that automates administrative processes and simplifies everyday tasks. Even during COVID-19.

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Training management

Smart training management that makes training providers’ days easier.

orange-checked-symbol  Automate processes

orange-checked-symbol  All in one solution

orange-checked-symbol  Cloud based SaaS

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Revenue generation

Web marketing through Norway’s leading marketing channel for courses.

orange-checked-symbol  Reach your target audience 

orange-checked-symbol  Build your brand

orange-checked-symbol  Increase exposure

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Online booking solution

Online registration system makes it easy to get and manage registrations.

orange-checked-symbol  Customize to your brand

orange-checked-symbol  Easy website integration

orange-checked-symbol  Responsive and mobile friendly

Do as other successful training businesses

Businesses of all sizes and industries use FrontCore to successfully manage open classroom training, online-based courses, in-house customer training and internal employee training.

Liv from OBI
“We went from troublesome Excel lists and registrations via e-mail to training management that goes like a dream”

– Liv Grindberg, OBI

Oddbjørn from Ramirent
“FrontCore is a user-friendly and easy-to-use TMS system. We get everything in one solution, and there’s many customization options”

– Oddbjørn Granlund, Ramirentskolen

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Connect the tools you need to grow

Say goodbye to doublepunching. Connect your existing systems with ease, or discover new tools to help you grow. Integrate the best software from different categories and create the most powerful software echosystem for your business.

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training administrators use FrontCore daily


administration time can be saved with FrontCore

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New LMS integration makes e-learning management smooth

New LMS integration makes e-learning management smooth

Combine your favorite TMS with your favorite LMS to experience the smooth transition between training management and online training delivery. Deliver fantastic online courses designed on 1-2-3 in Thinkific, while effectively managing the courses in FrontCore.

How to correctly price your course

How to correctly price your course

Why is it important to correctly price your course? That is because both a too high and a too low a price for the course can cost you potential participants! If you learn how to price correctly, you can both increase the perceived value for your participants, and increase your profit.

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