Our most Popular Packages

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Our most Popular Packages

See pricing in EUR


Our most Popular Plans

Everything in Enterprise, and..

  • Currency module
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Multinational payment solution
  • Enterprise dashboard

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Is it possible to buy a package and add a module from another package?

Yes. In addition to our packages, we offer our modules at unit price. Contact our sales team to put together a package that suits your business.

We are a small business. Do we have to pay full price?

We are here to help you grow profitably. That’s why we have a SMB program. Contact our sales team to find out if your business qualifies to receive our SMB discount.

Is a start-up investment required to get started?

All new customers must invest in start-up service to get started with FrontCore’s solutions. This includes both training and configuration of the solution.

Choosing FrontCore is about much more than using functionality to get the course administration work done; It’s about freeing up time for value-creating tasks and about growing profitably. And that is much easier to achieve with the support of our customer service.

The price of the start-up investment will vary depending on the package selection and turnover. Contact sales to clarify what is needed for your business.

I want to buy marketing at as well. Which package includes marketing at

Marketing at is another product that is sold in separate packages. You can contact sales for more information on this.

What is included in the modules that come with the different packages?

Our courses administrative solution is very feature-rich. To get an overview of the full functionality of the modules that are relevant to you, we recommend that you book a demo with one of our product experts.

I'm not sure which package is the one for me. What should I do?

Our product experts will be happy to help you identify the needs you have and which FrontCore modules that will solve your challenges. Find out which package that suits your needs by booking a demo today.
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"For us, the use of FrontCore has made a very big difference. Previously, we spent a lot of time on manual processes. When a customer called to sign up for a course, we wrote down the order on paper and stored the papers in binders. Confirmation for registration had to be sent out manually by e-mail. With FrontCore, we have significantly reduced our manual work. Everything is now the way it should be."

– Jan-Åke Johansson, owner projekthydraulik

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