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Get the best from all worlds by combining different “Best-of-breed” systems.

Our API integrations allow you to easily exchange key information across systems without having to enter the same information repeatedly.

See which system integrations we have in the overview below.


These are the systems you can connect to your FrontCore solution today.

Zapier FrontCore integration


Connect FrontCore to all your favorite applications without any coding. With Zapier, you can move information automatically across over 2000 applications. Learn more here.

HubSpot integration with FrontCore training management system on a screen


HubSpot, a leading CRM, integrates seamlessly with FrontCore for efficient customer data management and optimized sales & marketing processes. Learn more here.

Moodle LMS

Create engaging online training in the world’s most popular LMS, Moodle, and manage the courses effectively in FrontCore. Read about the FrontCore-Moodle integration here.


SuperOffice CRM makes it easy to build good and strong relationships with your customers. Great for those who offer courses to business customers. Learn more about SuperOffice here.


Xledger is a complete, cloud-based ERP system that gives you complete control over your entire business. Use FrontCore for your courses and Xledger for the rest. Learn more about the integration here.

Thinkific FrontCore TMS integration


Design stunning e-learning courses and blended learning in Thinkific Learning Management System. Learn more about Thinkific LMS here.

Self-developed system

Doe your business have it’s own developed system that you want to integrate with FrontCore? Don’t worry. We are customer-oriented and love challenges. Contact us here, and we will find out how we can solve this.

Gmail calendar 

Our integration with your instructors’ personal calendars in G-Mail makes is super easy to book instructors to lead your training and courses. 

Other systems

Our API makes is possible for you to integrate FrontCore with systems we do not already have an integration with. Contact us here if you want to know if our API can share data with your favorite system.


SendRegning, Norway’s leading online invoicing system, makes invoicing as easy as FrontCore makes courses and training easy to manage. Read about SendRegning here does not only facilitates the billing of courses, but also allows you to gather all the financial processes in your course business in one place. Read about the Visma integration here.


Build and deliver courses effectively online with the Learning Management System Upskill. Manage the courses equally efficiently with FrontCore. Learn more about Upskill LMS here.

Xero logo displayed on a computer screen, representing the user-friendly interface and seamless integration with FrontCore for training management and invoicing.


Experience effortless training management and invoicing with the powerful FrontCore-Xero integration. Streamline your billing process and boost your efficiency. Learn more here.

Fortnox FrontCore integration


Fortnox is a platform for complete financial management. Transfer orders from FrontCore into Fortnox and invoice your customers easy. Learn more here.

Combine your "Best-of-Breed" favorites

FrontCore is constantly working on meeting the tough requirements of the professional user for functionality and ease of use. Our long-term goal is to be able to find and integrate the best systems from other categories and niches with your Best-of-breed training management system, FrontCore.

Can’t find the integration you’re looking for? Please contact us here.

"FrontCore customer service is fantastic and the ability to help and adapt to our needs is fabulous!"

– Frank Sæthre, Course Manager at Langset Rope Access AS

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