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Dag Lyster LinkedIn

Dag Lyster

Founder and CEO [email protected]

Steinar Svenningsen LinkedIn

Steinar Svenningsen

Sales Director [email protected]

Jana Grov

Jana Grov

CRM Manager [email protected]

Eline Hagene LinkedIn

Eline Hagene

Marketing Manager [email protected]

Synne Fjørtoft LinkedIn


Acting CRM Manager [email protected]

Thea Holtlund LinkedIn

Thea Holtlund

CRM member [email protected]

Frida Sundbye LinkedIn

Frida Sundbye

Digital Content Marketer [email protected]

Raoua Bouslimi LinkedIn

Raoua Bouslimi

Account Executive [email protected]

Vivian Isaksen LinkedIn

Vivian Isaksen

Account Executive [email protected]

Caroline Witte LinkedIn

Caroline Witte

Text consultant
Anonym skikkelse


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