Be the First to Shape the Future of Our Learning Management System

Join us in pioneering the next wave of e-learning innovation. With our pre-launch version of FrontCore Learning Management System, you’re not just an early adopter; you’re a vital contributor. Your feedback will directly mold our LMS, ensuring it evolves into the ideal training platform tailored to your needs.

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Your Feedback: The Driving Force Behind Our LMS Evolution

Our Learning Management System is crafted for the modern training & course provider. As we refine our LMS features and integrate with our already well known Training Management System, your insights will be pivotal. This is more than early access; it’s a collaborative journey to develop an LMS that resonates with your vision.

Enhanced Learning Experience for Your Learners

Let’s not forget the end-users: the learners. In this pre-launch phase, training providers like you can explore and evaluate the learner experience as well. Your insights today will shape a more immersive and effective learning environment for tomorrow.

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Foundations for Efficiency

Discover the basic yet vital features of our LMS, emphasizing intuitive design and operational efficiency. These are the stepping stones towards a more expansive digital learning environment.


Course Management

Easily craft, update, and oversee interactive courses tailored for your audience. Empower your training journey with intuitive tools and dynamic content.

AI Generated Tests

Use AI to craft tests directly from course content, ensuring learners grasp key points while freeing up educator time. Boost learning outcomes with ease.

Video Training

Incorporate videos seamlessly into your courses. Elevate the learning experience, capture attention, and boost retention. A dynamic way to engage and teach.

Stripe Integration

Integrate FrontCore LMS with Stripe for a streamlined course payment process. Ensure a seamless, secure payment experience for both you and your learners.

Mobile Accessibility

Access and deliver courses from anywhere. Let learners dive into training materials on-the-go, blending convenience with learning flexibility. Stay connected, anytime.


Easy Google Sign-up

Streamline your setup in moments with Google Sign-In. Offer your course participants an effortless and secure entry, making course access smoother than ever.

Learning Progress Insight

Keep learners actively engaged with instant progress visibility. For trainers, a clear window into learners course completion, shaping future content decisions.

Files Vault

Equip yourself with a dedicated space to upload, organize, and store course material. Seamlessly reuse and share them with chosen participants for enhanced convenience.


Trust & Security

Prioritize your learners’ safety with robust security measures and GDPR-compliance. Strengthen their trust and confidence in your brand and educational platform.

Complete Text & Photo Editor

Craft engaging content effortlessly with our advanced editor. Embed images, stylize text, and enhance course material. Elevate creativity with simplicity.

The LMS Roadmap: A Blend of Our Vision and Your Insights

While we’ve already charted out a range of exciting features for our LMS, what you’ll see below is just a taste. Beyond this, there’s even more thrilling (and a bit secret) developments in the pipeline. With your invaluable input, we’ll refine and enhance this vision even further.

Timeline illustrating the roadmap for the developement of the LMS


Gain real-time insights with a comprehensive dashboard. Streamline training processes and make data-driven decisions effortlessly.

FrontCore TMS Integration

Seamlessly connect with FrontCore TMS. Unify training management and e-learning, boosting efficiency and enhancing the learner journey.

Gamification & Interactivity

Engage learners with dynamic game elements and interactive content. Enhance motivation, participation, and course completion rates.

E-learning Business Build Tools

Expand your training business with specialized e-learning tools. Simplify course creation, monetization, and scaling.

Spaced Repetition

Enhance retention using spaced repetition techniques. Guarantee learners grasp and retain content more effectively throughout their journey.


Final Exam

Assess learner progress with structured final exams. Ensure comprehensive understanding and validate training effectiveness.

An illustration showcasing the evolution of learning and teaching over three stages. The first stage depicts a traditional classroom setting with a teacher at a chalkboard. The final stage represents the modern era with a laptop or tablet featuring an LMS interface with modules, lessons, and a video lecture.

Join the Future of Learning Management

While the final version of our LMS is still in the making, we’re opening our doors for you to get an exclusive preview. By joining us now, you won’t just be a passive observer; you’ll actively test, explore, and have the chance to influence the final product. As we approach our official launch, you’ll be among the first to experience the rollout of new features and enhancements.

Register for free now, contribute your insights, and be a pivotal part of our LMS’s evolution ➜

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