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Welcome to the next generation of training solutions. FrontCore’s Training Management System (TMS) is designed to assist the way you handle your course administration and training management. Our Training Management System enables you to grow your business profitably and efficiently by automating administrative processes and simplifying everyday tasks. 

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What is FrontCore’s Training Management System?

FrontCore’s Training Management System is a comprehensive, cloud-based solution designed to streamline course administration and training management. Specifically tailored for companies seeking to enhance their training operations, our system is an all-in-one platform that automates manual tasks, optimises time-consuming processes, and provides valuable insights, ultimately driving efficiency and profitability for training providers.

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Everything you need to manage your courses and training 

Managing your courses becomes a breeze when you can select and customise modules to create a Training Management System tailored to your unique needs.  



Get a quick overview of what drives the results of your course business through real-time updated key figures.

Delegate Management

Participant management

Manage bookings and processes associated with training participants easily through FrontCore Participant management.

Trainiing Management

Training Management

Plan, publish and follow up your training sessions with a complete management system for courses and training.

Online registration

Online Registration

Customize your own professional top converting online registration solution that looks great on all devices.

Corporate Booking Module

Corporate Booking Module

Make it easy for your corporate customers to book and keep track of their employees’ booking status with you.


Message Center

Effortlessly communicate with customers and participants using FrontCore Message Center’s email templates.


Digital Certificates

Impress your training participants with professional certificates that you can customize designs on to beautifully match your brand.

Customer Management

Customer Management

Keep close tabs on your customers’ business and automate processes around special terms and contract prices.

Routine Automation

Routine Automation

Save significant time by automating repetitive tasks through the routine automation module

Payment Solution

Payment Solution

Get secure, encrypted and seamlessly tracked payments in advance of courses and save time on invoicing and debt collection.



Effectively and securely feed orders easily into your invoicing modules in your accounting system.



Ensure consistency and completeness in carrying out your tasks efficiently using smart electronic checklists. Get things done!


E-mail Marketing

Increase revenue potential by proactively inviting delegates through email marketing campaigns with direct link to your booking forms.


Competence Certificates

Rid yourself of labor intensive processes and try our completely paperless solution for ordering competence certificates.


GDPR module

Manage the GDPR principles correctly and save time on privacy-related tasks. Process data in a secure solution.

Venue Planning

Venue Planning

Achieve higher profitability and customer satisfaction through effective quality planning of your venue resources.



Managed income from participants in an effective way. Increase the proportion of income retained in the business when courses are canceled.


Instructor Onboarding

Improve communication with your instructors so that your business can deliver higher quality courses and achieve higher customer satisfaction.

Course Evaluation

Course Evaluation

Get feedback from your participants. Use the feedback to improve your training delivery and to promote your courses to new participants.

Competence tests

Assessment tool

Test your participants and see the effect of your training through automatically sent tests after the completion of the training.

SMS module


Communicate easily and effectively with customers, participants and other roles related to your training using SMS messaging.

Advanced sales bundling

Advanced Sales Bundling

Drive revenue generation and cash flow by selling bundles of participation and courses. Grant discounts for high volume advance purchases easily.


Sales Module

Easily identify upselling opportunities in your training history. Find your traget audience in your prior delegates and market upcoming events.

Duplicate handling

Duplicate handling

Ensure professional follow-up of delegates and customers by using an updated and clean database with information that reflects reality.

Course management

FrontCore LMS Integration

Seamlessly connect with FrontCore LMS. Unify training management and e-learning, boosting efficiency and enhancing the learner journey.

Save up to 61% of time spent on administrative tasks with FrontCore training management system

Get more time for value creation

Who can use a Training Management System?

An effective Training Management System is important for various reasons and for organizations to achieve their objectives. Our TMS is designed to help businesses like yours streamline course administration and training management. FrontCore can assist your training operations and be the perfect solution for your business.

Commercial Training Providers

If you are a commercial training provider, our TMS system enhances your business operations and drives growth. Our system can help you manage customer relations, marketing courses, and improving overall service delivery. 

Universities and Higher Education Institutions

Our TMS is designed to effectively manage a diverse range of courses for higher education institutions in both long and short-term courses. Our TMS offers comprehensive features that streamline administrative tasks, enhance student engagement, and optimize resource allocation. From course scheduling and enrollment management to student progress tracking and assessment, our platform provides the tools needed to ensure smooth operations and exceptional educational experiences.

Internal Training Departments

A Training Management System is an important platform for internal training departments as it enables HR and training teams to manage all aspects of workforce training, from scheduling to certification. Central to its functionality, our TMS enables streamlined scheduling of training sessions, ensuring optimal resource allocation and participant coordination. This capability not only simplifies the logistical complexities of training but also enhances overall training efficiency by minimizing scheduling conflicts and maximizing training attendance.

Nonprofit Organizations

Our Training Management System is crafted to empower nonprofit organizations by streamlining operations and maximizing the impact of their training programs. By leveraging our TMS, nonprofits can efficiently allocate resources, streamline administrative tasks, and enhance the overall delivery of their training initiatives.

Do you need a TMS system?

Our Training Management System is designed to cater to the unique needs of various organizations, making course administration and training management seamless and efficient. Whether you’re looking to improve internal training, boost your commercial training business, or streamline educational programs, our TMS is the perfect solution. 

Don’t let inefficient training management hold you back. Contact us today to learn more about how our TMS can transform your training operations and help your business thrive.

Envision Your Goals

Imagine the possibilities if you had more time on your hands:

  • Elevate the quality and value of your courses and training.
  • Deliver superior customer service experiences.
  • Dedicate more hours in the classroom.
  • Attract more participants to your courses.
  • Propel your training business to new horizons.

Don’t let time constraints hold you back! Unshackle your schedule with FrontCore’s efficient, time-saving training management system. Work smarter, not harder, and discover the power of our intuitive, feature-packed solution to take your training endeavors to the next level.

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See how FrontCore can help your business

Find out which modules are best for your business. Through live screen sharing, you’ll see how the solution works. A professional product expert will help you with all your questions.

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"FrontCore saves me a lot of time spent on training management!"

– Frank Sæthre, Course Manager at Langset Rope Access AS

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