«We are driven by our customers in FrontCore. We have a team and a culture highly motivated to finding innovative and great solutions. That is how we create value for our customers, and that is what motivates us»

Dag Lyster, CEO FrontCore

Why we are so passionate about what we do

Did you know that, according to historians, it took some 500 000 years from humans first learned how to make fire until fire was used on a daily basis. Today the world is changing faster than ever. With billions of people hyper-connected to each other in an unparalleled social global network, ideas and innovations spread instantaneously and frictionlessly. Together with accelerating advances in technology, it is evident that the next decade holds promises of historic transformation. And…. it drives the need for learning….and learning is what brings progress to the world. That is why we are so excited and passionate about what we do in FrontCore. We develop cloud based software solutions (SaaS) enhancing training providers’ effectiveness in providing learning opportunities to individuals about new ideas, competence and innovations.

Why are we here

Norway’s leading role in the development of high tech maritime, marine and petroleum industries laid the foundation for FrontCore. The high tech focus and innovative force of these industries created an immense need for training, which instigated over many decades the growth of a comprehensive training market and industry leading training providers in Norway. The need for top quality training management solutions to serve these training providers was the original business idea on which FrontCore was founded.

For almost two decades FrontCore has served training providers in leading industries out of Norway with state-of-the-art course and training management solutions.  Ours solutions meet both marketing and administrative needs. Now trusted by several thousand Nordic and international training providers in various industries, we are committed to continue developing innovative solutions together with training providers in Norway and globally. We are proud of our heritage, and as our name commits us to, we will continue to lead from the Front. We are driven by our vision and by the needs of our customers’ Core business; successfully bringing learning about new ideas, competence and innovations to customers through their training offerings.

Why we’ll continue to be here

FrontCore is 100% invested in meeting the needs of training professionals, 100% dedicated to customer success, and 100% committed to the cloud. That’s our only focus, and it always will be!

With continuously faster pace of change and globalization, it is imperative to breed learning as a core fabric into the organizational culture to stay competitive. Lifelong learning is a megatrend, and the need to fuel these learning processes with effective administrative solutions is driving our business.

What distinguishes FrontCore most is our dedication to innovation and customer success. Our customers drive us in FrontCore. We have a team and culture that is highly motivated to find innovative and good solutions. This is how we create value for our customers, and that is what drives us.

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