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The easiest, but at the same time perhaps the most overlooked opportunity to increase sales, is sales to delegates who have previously been through your doors (either the physical or virtual).

For 20 years, we have observed that course providers work very inefficiently with sales to existing customers. This is despite the good opportunities to get previous delegates back on new courses.

For many, the reason for poor systems is to find out who is the potential target group for upcoming courses. Without good systems, sales to previous delegates will be very demanding.

FrontCore has therefore developed a solution to effectively make sales to previous delegates. Our new sales module, in combination with the new groups in the email marketing module, will be a game changer for course providers who use FrontCore. In other words, the advanced sales module will dramatically streamline the sales process and increase the possibility of improving occupancy on planned courses. This means time is saved and the course turnover is increased. It could not get better than this.


The three components of the sales module

The sales module consists of three components that together make it easy to fill up your courses with delegates you already have in your own database, find empty spots that you need to fill to run full courses, and that provide the ability to promote booking several courses at the same time.

Let’s take a closer look at the different components:


Candidate search: Fill your courses with candidates from your own database

Your former delegates are a hidden goldmine. Our new candidate search is the shovel you need to reach the gold.

With the candidate search in the new sales module, you can easily find candidates in your own database with which you can fill up your upcoming courses. In other words, the candidate search is the perfect tool for your sales and marketing department when they need to find leads in their own database.


How the Candidate Search works:

  • The candidate search gives you the opportunity to easily find sales opportunities. Use filters and selections to find delegates in the system who meet the desired criteria. For example: Find delegates who have delegates in ABC courses in Oslo and have not yet attended ABC2 courses. Then, invite them through email marketing or by calling the candidates on your list.
  • The list of candidates can be exported or saved as dynamic or static groups that can be forwarded to the sales department or used in the email marketing module.



  • Fill up your courses using sales opportunities in your own database


Course search: Find the spots you need to fill up and get fully booked courses

The course search is as effective in detecting available course spots as a metal detector is in finding coins underground. With the price search, it is easy to track down empty spots and thus discover sales opportunities in the system. The course search is the perfect tool for your sales and marketing department when they need to find out which courses need a boost to be fully booked.



  • The course search is another useful sales tool. With the course search, it becomes easy to find out which courses you should market further in order to fill the spots.
  • Use filters to find specific courses in the system.
  • The search result shows courses that meet the criteria you have set, as well as important information that you need to decide whether measures should be implemented to market the course further.



  • Find the spots you need to fill up and get fully booked courses

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Course packages: Offer discounted packages with courses

Many companies want to send more employees on a number of courses and therefore prefer to buy discounted course packages that they can use continuously when needed from one course provider, instead of hiring certain specialists every time an employee needs to be trained. With “Course packages” in our new sales module, you can easily offer discounted course packages that companies can use in this way. Not only do you meet the companies’ needs, but it also increases their loyalty and you are able to sell several packages of courses at the same time. Win-win!

Additional note: The course packages can also be used for private customers who want to buy several courses at the same time.


This is how course packages work:

  • Create course packages that you assign to specific corporate or private customers.
  • Choose which courses and additional products the package should contain, the number of delegates per course, the package expiration date, discount on the various courses in the package, as well as the total package price.
  • Creating a course package will automatically generate a code and an order.
  • Send the code to the correct e-mail address in the system, so that the code can be used to book delegates for courses.
  • When the code is used for registration, the price in the registration form will be adjusted and the delegate will pay the discounted price provided in the course package.
  • If you want the customer to pay for the entire course package in advance of registration, you can easily export the course package order through the “invoice” module. If the customer pays for the course package in advance, the price when using the course package code in the registration form will be zero.
  • Keep track of your various course packages in the course package overview. There, you will find simple information about how many, as well as which, delegates have used the code related to the various course packages, package codes, order overviews, and so on.



  • Increase customer loyalty and sales by selling larger course packages to the same customer


Do you have any questions related to the sales module? Contact us here and we will help you!

Best regards, The FrontCore Team

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Author: Eline Hagene

Author: Eline Hagene

Marketing Manager

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