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FrontCore has partnered with thousands of course and training providers from all industries for over 20 years. On this page you can see what our customers think of us.

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Training management of another world

«After we started using FrontCore, our training management has been of a different world. We went from troublesome Excel lists and registrations via e-mail to training management that goes like a dream.

FrontCore is connected to our website where our visitors can see an overview of our course and training offer and sign up on courses. FrontCore makes it easy to create new courses that will be displayed in the overview, enrollments go directly into the system after a customer signs up, and we send e-mails and sms to the participants via the FrontCore system. We are a very happy FrontCore customer!»

About OBI

OBI is the training office for building and construction in Trøndelag. They handle all organization and administration of the apprenticeship program and follow apprentices right up to their certificate. Through close collaboration with companies, schools and the public sector, OBI ensures increased recruitment to a total of 22 disciplines.
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Liv Grindberg

Senior Lecturer office and economics, OBI

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Oddbjørn Granlund

Head of the Raminent School, Ramirent Norway

The perfect solution for us

«FrontCore is a user-friendly and easy-to-use system. Here we get everything in one solution, and many customization options. The layout is simple and easy to understand, with a non-overwhelming content.

Our customer contact is available and answers any questions and helps us with the customizations we want very quickly. FrontCore is also quick to announce new opportunities and modules in the system that will make our course management tasks even easier.

For us, this solution fits perfectly. We recommend FrontCore as a course management system!»

About The Raminent School

The Raminent School, a part of Ramirent Norway, is a certified training company that, through long experience and high professional competence, provides course participants with the necessary training and safety in the use of various work and protective equipment. Scaffolding courses, fall protection, passenger lift courses and truck driver courses are examples of courses offered by the Ramirent School. Ramirent has a number of departments throughout Norway.

Not just for classroom courses

«NooA is an online school with over 100 different courses and studies. We have no classrooms, but participants all over the country. They decide for themselves when they want to start and how much time they want to spend on the courses.

Many course providers want to focus on where and when their courses are offered, while NooA’s courses are available everywhere – all the time. We have had an ongoing and good dialogue with FrontCore about this and feel that they understand our needs and follow us up with constructive suggestions.»

About NooA

NooA is a Nordic online school that offers flexible and affordable high-quality online education. The school has been publicly approved as an online school since the fall of 2012 and currently has users in over 50 countries.
Course management system on white computer

Morten Flate Paulsen

Professor in online education and CEO, NooA

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course providers uses FrontCore's solutions

years of experience as a partner for course providers

new FrontCore customers in 2018

“In our efforts to reach customers, FrontCore is a very important partner. Our experience with FrontCore is the very best. The company and its employees are innovative and talented, and they help us find new customers every day.”
Tom Solsad

Finance and Administration Manager, AOF Norway

“Since choosing FrontCore, everyday life has been significantly simplified. When logging into FrontCore in the morning we get a complete overview of all courses and participants with just one click. In addition, it has become much easier to communicate effectively with our participants through the FrontCore solution.”
Kristi Eidal Olsen

Norsk Rørsenter

“Our customer contact has guided us through the training in an elegant way and answers all questions as quickly as she can. If our contact is not available, we have always obtained a customer consultant on the phone who has helped us. When you sit down to work with FrontCore and has set aside time in your workday, it is so valuable to get answers there and then on how to solve a challenge.”
Cathrine Jørstad

Ikess Norway

“FrontCore is a reliable and flexible supplier with employees who always provide good service. It is a pleasure to work with them.”
Karine Knoph

Team Leader ICT Course & Competence, UiS

“First, I just want to thank you for the excellent service you’ve provided us. Madelen and your team have been a fantastic support partner as we’ve navigated your system and integrated it into our daily routines.”

Ørjan H.H. Vøllestad

Andøya Space Center

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