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FrontCore is filled with time-saving and productivity-enhancing tools that frees up time from administrative tasks - allowing you to spend your precious time on value-creating activities.

Øk effektiviteten  Increase efficiency

Deltakere ikon  Convert more delegates

Automatisering ikon  Automate routine tasks

Verdiskapingsrakett ikon  Get more time for value creation

Voks lønnsomt ikon  Grow profitable

The best thing about FrontCore is that it is versatile and easy to use. 

- Jan-Åke Johansson, owner

FrontCore saves me a lot of time spent on training management! 

- Frank Sæthre, trainer Langseth Rope Access AS

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Over 2700 course providers rely on FrontCore's 20-year experience of helping course providers grow profitably.

Get more time for value creation

For us, the use of FrontCore has made a very big difference.


Previously, we spent a lot of time on manual processes. When a customer called to sign up for a course, we wrote down the order on paper and stored the papers in binders. Confirmation for registration had to be sent out manually by e-mail.


With FrontCore, we have significantly reduced our manual work. Everything is now the way it should be."


- Jan-Åke Johansson, owner Projekthydraulik



What can FrontCore do for you?

There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to training management solutions. Through over 20 years of cooperation with hundreds of training and course providers, we have developed a number of useful FrontCore modules that you can choose from. Get a 30 days free trial and find out which modules you need to bring your business to new heights.

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