Deliver better courses to a larger audience

With fully automated Course Evaluation from FrontCore, you can easily collect valuable feedback from your participants. These can be used to deliver higher quality courses and to attract new customers.

Fill your treasure chest with course evaluations

Feedback is worth gold when you want to deliver courses and training with the highest possible value. And, with positive customer reviews, you can easily attract new customers.


Fill up your courses

The most credible form of marketing is what others say about you. Get positive customer reviews to use in your marketing to attract new customers.

Measure customer satisfaction

Do you really know what your participants think about the experience they have had with your business? With Course Evaluations you can easily find out if you have delivered what you promised and you show that you care about what your customers think of you.

Become the best in your market

You will not be the best if you do not know where you have improvement potential. Get an important foundation for your business improvement by gathering feedback from your attendees.

Course evaluations are just one of many time-saving modules in FrontCore’s course management solution.

Get answers to your questions

Create your own evaluation forms and use everything from multiple choice questions to star ratings. Choose whether you want the evaluations you collect to be anonymous or not.

Let the evaluations flow

It should be easy to get feedback. Connect an evaluation to a specific course in FrontCore Course Administration and let the system send out e-mail and SMS with evaluation requests every time someone completes your course.

Make better decisions

View statistics on your evaluations or take a deep dive into each answer. Sort the feedback on self-selected keywords or see what ratings your different instructors have. Learn where your business has potential for improvement and use the feedback to strengthen your market communications.

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Karine Knoph from UiS

"FrontCore is a reliable and flexible supplier with employees who always provide good service. It is a pleasure to work with them"

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Course evaluations are one of many time-saving modules in our sought after course administration solution.

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