Empower Decision-Making: Your Dynamic TMS Dashboard

Introducing our powerful dashboard feature: Effortless access to essential KPIs empowers your organization to make informed decisions and confidently steer your business towards achieving critical objectives.


Quick insight for high impact

Explore the dynamic features of our Training Management System’s dashboard and experience the transformative impact it can have on your business’s growth and success.

FrontCore Training Management Dashboard Example

Enhance Decision-Making and Resource Allocation

A training analytics dashboard with quick access to past and current KPIs helps your training business make smart choices in operations, marketing and strategy. This leads to better use of resources by focusing on successful courses and improving weaker ones. Analyzing trends in customer preferences and market changes lets your business adjust quickly to stay competitive.

Data-driven decision-making icon featuring a bar chart and gear symbol, representing efficient resource allocation and strategic planning in a training business.
Improved Financial Management and Risk Mitigation

Improve Financial Management and Risk Mitigation

The customizable training dashboard offers real-time data, making budgeting and forecasting more accurate. This prepares your training business for future challenges and opportunities. By keeping an eye on KPIs and other metrics, you’re able to spot risks and take action to lessen them. Comparing results to competitors or industry standards can show where to improve and inspire new ideas.

Improved Financial Management and Risk Mitigation

Increase Customer Satisfaction and Employee Performance

An all-in-one training performance dashboard helps your training business find ways to make customers happier, leading to higher customer retention and referrals. Setting clear KPIs and giving employees instant feedback on business progress boosts motivation and leads to higher performance. Regularly looking at past and current data helps your business find where to fine-tune processes, encouraging ongoing improvement and lasting success.

Customer satisfaction and employee performance icon depicting happy people and a checkmark or star, highlighting the impact of a dashboard on motivation, goal achievement, and customer retention in a training business.

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The Dashboard Module is one of many impactful modules in the FrontCore Training Management System. Try FrontCore for free today.

Feed data from FrontCore to your other favorite systems

Do you need your dashboard data to be registered in any of you other business systems? No problem. Use our API or one of our integrations to feed information between systems automatically. Check out all our integration options here.

FrontCore integration echosystem

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