Streamline Your Communication with the Messages Module

Introducing the Messages Module, a powerful and efficient communication tool designed to save time and optimize email handling for training professionals. Say goodbye to cluttered inboxes and unorganized email chains; the Messages Module will revolutionize the way you connect with course participants.


Take Your Training Communication to the Next Level

Discover the power of seamless communication using the Messages Module, a comprehensive solution that simplifies the way you engage with course participants, bookers, and corporate customers. With an intuitive interface and customizable templates, this module will transform your communication process. 

Screenshot of the templates in FrontCore Messages

Craft the Perfect Message with Ease

The Messages Module lets you create personalized email templates with merge fields. In this way, each message is tailored and relevant to the recipient. With informative templates for automated emails, your messages become clear and consistent. As a result, you’ll save time, reduce the workload for you team, and make communication simple and effective.

Customizable email template icon, representing the easy creation of personalized and informative email templates for efficient communication.
Streamlined communication management icon, symbolizing the organized handling of emails and SMS messages, enabling quick responses and increased productivity

Stay Organized, Save Time

The Messages Module streamlines email and SMS sending while maintaining a clear overview of your communication history. Utilizing quick response templates, you can provide prompt and accurate communication about common inquiries. The email log feature further simplifies the process by allowing you to view, search, and resend emails with ease, leading to increased productivity and a more efficient work environment.

Streamlined communication management icon, symbolizing the organized handling of emails and SMS messages, enabling quick responses and increased productivity

Build Trust with Your Training Communication

Customize email and SMS settings using the Messages Module to meet the specific needs of your training business. By taking control of your communication preferences, you’ll enhance the reliability of your messages, ensuring that vital information is delivered promptly and effectively. This, in turn, fosters stronger relationships with participants, bookers, and corporate customers, reinforcing your reputation as a trusted and dependable training provider.

Reliable training communication icon, illustrating the enhancement of trust and dependability through improved email settings and stronger relationships with delegates, bookers, and customers

Save time.

Grow profitable.

The Messages Module is one of many time saving modules in FrontCore Training Management System. Try FrontCore for free today.

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