Simplify Order Management with Our Practical Order Module

Boost your revenue collection and improve cash flow with our Orders module, specifically designed for training providers. Say goodbye to labor-intensive, error-prone manual processes and embrace the future of seamless order management.

Icon depicting a paper receipt with a barcode, signifying a financial document for orders.

Experience Effortless Order Management with Our Orders Module

Our user-friendly Order module, showcased in the accompanying screenshot, provides you with a overview list of all your training orders. Gain insights into your business’ order history, export order lists, and more, while ensuring efficient management of your orders.

Efficient Order Management Module Screenshot from FrontCore's Cutting-Edge Training Management System

Unlock Revenue Potential

By using the Order Module in FrontCore, your training businiess can tap into unrealized revenue potential. Enhancing cash flow and liquidity is made easy with possibilities for early, high-quality revenue collection. No more struggling with labor-intensive, error-prone manual processes; instead, concentrate on expanding your business.

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Easy Tools for Smooth Order Management

Packed with essential features, our Order module simplifies your order management process like never before. The invoice dashboard keeps you informed about billable, outstanding, and received amounts, while the direct feed into your invoice system streamlines your workflow. Discrepancy handling becomes a breeze, and payment status feedback keeps you in the loop. Additional features like exporting orders to excel, setting invoice start dates, and archiving history only add to the convenience.

Comprehensive tools icon, showcasing efficient order management and essential features of our Order module for training providers.

Reap the Benefits of an Efficient Ecosystem

Adopting the Order module comes with a range of benefits that can transform your training business. By automating the feed of orders into your invoicing system, you save time and ensure greater accuracy. Moreover, instant invoicing upon bookings significantly accelerates your revenue collection process. Witness the positive impact our Order module can have on your business and elevate your order management capabilities.

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Save time.

Grow profitable.

The Order Module is one of many time saving modules in FrontCore Training Management System. Try FrontCore for free today.

Feed Order Data from FrontCore to Your Favorite Invoicing System

Do you need your order data to be registered in your training business’ invoicing system? No problem. Use our API or one of our integrations to feed information between systems automatically. Check out all our integration options here.

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