Grow your revenue with Vouchers

Grow revenues by keeping booked seats in business.


Delegates who cannot attend? No problem.

Retain training revenues in business efficiently. Issue vouchers to ensure delegates attend training at a later time, rather than cancelling bookings or sending credit notes.

Voucher example

Go from cancellation mess to growing revenue

No more inefficient, costly and labor intensive handling of delegates who cannot attend your courses. Turn a cancellation into a voucher instead.

From cancellation to voucher
Customization of vouchers

Customize to your needs

Create vouchers from scretch. Set the right voucher value, select validity period and send the unique voucher to your delegate by email.

Customization of vouchers

No hassle, no mess

Keep track on all outstanding vouchers with amounts in your voucher dashboard. Set up automatic reminders to make sure your delegates do not miss their chance at using their valuable voucer.

Voucher dashboard

Save time.

Grow profitable.

The voucher feature is one of many time-saving features in FrontCore Training Management System. Try FrontCore for free today.

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