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With over 20 years of experience, we at FrontCore have built up a comprehensive database of knowledge when it comes to courses and training. We have been in contact with 2700 course providers, and thus, learned a few tips from the industry. In this post, you will read both sales, CRM, marketing and the CEO’s very best tips for you as a course provider!

Eline-Hagene-Marketing-Manager-FrontcoreEline Hagene

Marketing Manager

It may still feel far away, but 2021 is fast approaching. My best tip right now is therefore to start planning your budget and strategy for marketing courses in 2021. One of the reasons for this is that January and February are among the months where the largest amount of people are looking for courses. In other words, you don´t want to be preoccupied with planning in this time, making you miss out on valuable sales opportunities as we enter the new year. Feel free to plan an amazing campaign to ensure a proper kickstart into 2021!

And by the way. When planning your marketing for 2021, do not forget to plan how to use your hidden gold mine; namely your former participants, to fill up your upcoming courses. Check out the new email marketing features and our new sales module to get some ideas on what you can do.


Do you want to market your courses directly to potential participants? Check out our web marketing on Norway’s leading marketplace for courses, Kursguiden.no!

Ørjan-Kyllevik-frontcore-sellerØrjan Kyllevik

Senior Account Sales Executive

Because I work with sales, I have something sales-related to bring to the course providers.

My best tip is definitely that, when it comes to selling more courses, use our new sales module! Essentially, it can be used to get previous participants to book new courses!

This is the ultimate way to sell courses, as participants you know will benefit from what you have to offer. It can pay off to use the sales module that actually covers the entire investment in the FrontCore software, because you get so many new participants on your courses! If you want to learn more about the sales module, you can click here!

Synne-Fjørtoft-FrontCore-CRM employeeSynne Fjørtoft

CRM Manager

There are several things that are important for a course provider to think about from a CRM perspective.

The first is that you need to understand your target audience. Market directly to those who buy your courses. It’s always fun with a lot of hits, but it does not help much if there are no registrations.

Number two is that you have to make mistakes going forwards. We do not write in stone and can always change. A process is never finished and you can always get better! Make it easy for you to get feedback from your participants through, for example, surveys. This way you can easily see what you can do to get better!

Furthermore, remember to brag about yourself! There is a reason why you are holding these courses. Why are you the best? What value does your competence add to the course? Use these in course descriptions, on the website and in other communication with potential course participants to differentiate yourself from other course providers.

Last but certainly not least, something my CRM heart is passionate about, create an experience. From registration to follow-up, make sure your customers feel unique. They say that “Word of Mouth” is the most powerful form of marketing. Add a little humor and a twinkle in the eye through both communication and course teaching. Draw in examples from your own life that others can relate to.

Your course may not have the most engaging content, but it sets no limits for you as a instructor and storyteller!

Day-Lust-bad-leader-frontcoreDag Lyster


One of my best tips is to make your courses stand out! This can be done in several ways, either by operating in a niche within the course industry, or by putting together a competitive offer that sets you apart from other providers. It can be the combination of courses that makes the difference, a mix of on-site and web-based training, or the use of particularly skilled guest instructors from the field!

Another thing I think is important is to have a networking mentality! Participants with positive experiences who know what you have to offer are a gateway to new potential course participants. Remember that every participant knows a new potential participant, so always leaving a good and holistic impression is one of the most important factors for a successful course business.

Finally, I would like to encourage everyone in the course industry to review their administrative processes! TMS (Training Management Systems) has now become a standard for course companies both in the Nordic region and internationally. It can be compared a bit with the Office package with Excel, Word and Power Point. It’s just something everyone has, and you can not have a good course business today without a TMS, LMS and CRM. The speed and opportunities you get by using such systems are completely unbeatable, and we see several customers who spend several thousand on administrative work that a TMS system could do in 5 minutes. I therefore recommend everyone to look at which system is suitable for their company, and get on with it!


Wondering if you should get a TMS? Read our 7 signs that you need a training management system!


Our knowledge is here as a resource and we hope these tips have been useful to you! Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about the solution or how we can help your course company reach new heights. We are available on telephone 232 27 200 between 9 and 15 every weekday, and you will always receive answers from our friendly CRM staff at our email [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Forfatter: Frida Sundbye

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