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With employees who have over 20 years of experience in the training industry, and daily contact with training providers, we at FrontCore have a few thoughts about what characterizes a well-run training business. Read on to see what observations we have made so you can be inspired on how to run your course business even better!

Professionally run with profitable growth

Portrait Dag Lyster

Dag Lyster CEO

An obvious characteristic of any functioning business is that they operate professionally and profitably. On the other hand, there are very few in the training industry who operate well from an operational point of view, says the CEO of FrontCore, Dag Lyster. Many lack good digital systems that are integrated and supported by good routines and processes.

What we often see when we are in contact with customers is that there are surprisingly large businesses who still have a lot of manual work and labor-intensive processes, says Lyster. The best, on the other hand, are those who are moving into a professional administrative system. And the very best integrate this with a finance or invoicing system so that they have control over income and expenses, and see what is most profitable in the company.

Thea portrait sircle

Thea Holtlund Jacobsen Project Manager

Thea Holtlund Jacobsen, our former CRM employee and now Project Manager, says that the best in the industry are those who are concerned with good set-up and quality routines. She has noticed that those who put time and resources into how everything sent out from the company looks, and that everything should be in line with their style as a company – are the ones at the top.


This is because quality at all levels is something customers notice, and it makes them confident that they have chosen a safe and secure provider who knows what they are doing.

A motivated and proud company with a clear sense of performing meaningful and valuable tasks

The passion for their field is one of the most important components of great training providers. This is something all FrontCore’s employees agree on. The core of all well run training providers is the passion for what they do. It is in this passion that the motivation lies for many course providers.

Furthermore, another important trait of the very best is that they care that the employees feel like their tasks are meaningful and valuable. This means that all the tasks they do lead them closer to the goal – to deliver unforgettable training to their participants! The best have got rid of the manual processes, so that the employees can work with valuable and motivating tasks that bring them closer to the goal.

A company that spends enough time developing its training business, not just managing it

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Steinar Svenningsen HR and Sales Director

Sales Manager and HR Manager Steinar Svenningsen, believes that those who succeed with their training business, are those who are constantly developing.

There are too many who are stuck in a multitude of administrative tasks, he believes. And they forget that there are now many smart and automatic training administration solutions, where development is fast and it is possible to save both a lot of time and money!

He can’t even count how many times he has been in contact with a major training provider, where they still do not have an automated program to handle the courses and their participants. Here, there are huge sums to be saved on finding the right training administrative system, he says.

He also sees that those who are better than others seek out environments, such as pages for course providers on LinkedIn and Facebook, where you see what is happening in the market. There you can build up competence in what solutions are available. It is absolutely essential, he believes, to succeed as a course provider today. You should always be on the lookout for new, better and faster solutions to develop your course business.

Satisfied customers who are taken care of at all touchpoints of the customer journey

Jana portrait

Jana Grov CRM Manager

Head of FrontCore’s CRM department, Jana Grov, says that one of the most important things she sees in the very best training providers is that they really care about their customers. Here, the most skilled training providers have quality-checked all stages of the customer journey.

They have both simple systems for booking courses and knowledgeable implementation. In addition, they follow-up afterwards through sending out course certificates, diplomas and reminders about refresher courses. All this to ensure that the course participants have a great experience with the training, and in contact with the course provider.

What underlies this quality assurance is a deep knowledge of their field. It is the very heart of any course business. The very best manage to convey this knowledge through every step of the customer journey, so the participants are left with the impression that they chose the right training provider.

Hope you got some tips and inspiration through the article on how to improve your course business. Want to know more about how a course management system can take your course business to the next level? Read more about FrontCore training management solution by clicking here!

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