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Innovation, research and development makes it possible for us to always deliver up to date, best of breed systems for our customers. FrontCore Labs is all about how the future of Training and Learning Management will look like, and how FrontCore is working continuously to be in the front.

What is FrontCore Labs?

FrontCore Labs is our inhouse tech lab, researching how we can use the latest technology and innovative methods to help training providers build a profitably business.

The FrontCore team discussing FrontCore Labs
The CEO of FrontCore discussing FrontCore Labs

Why FrontCore Labs?

As our name commits us to, we are always working hard to be at the forefront of our industry.

With FrontCore Labs, we want to help bring innovation out to our customers. The goal is to always find better, more efficient and more profitable ways to work. And to be able do this, we have to research, discover, develop and test. Non stop.

How does FrontCore Labs work?

Our work at FrontCore Labs follows multiple principles.



Our work is driven by either a specific client request, or by what we consider the largest challenges our clients face. Do you have a challenge for us? We’re here to solve it!

Ethics and privacy

Designing a great training management system is one thing. Designing it in an ethical way is another. We do not aim to get people ‘stuck’ on our solutions; we want data to be secure and private, and want to make sure we make it possible to migrate the date if there is need for switching systems (which the goal is to make sure you don’t feel the need to do).

High availability

We want our innovations to be available to all customers at all times. This does not only refers to us adding innovation to our cloud services, but also how we put usability and scalability first. 


If a human or already existing solution turns out to be superior to the machine, then we’ll stick to that. If not, we’ll look into how new technology can help. We’ll find the best way to solve a problem, whether it’s new or old.


FrontCore Lab will ensure that FrontCore innovation technology reduces the time, cost and risk, as well as provides more revenue or revenue streams, increases speed, and strengthens scalability for training providers.
Portrait of Erlend

Product Innovation Specialist is kickstarting FrontCore Labs

With his experience in programming and AI work, Erlend Ryan will assist in the research and development of new, innovative technologies that could be applied to FrontCore’s Training Management System.

The Future of Learning & Training Management

An important part of the FrontCore Lab project is to develop new, high tech solutions. Our FrontCore Lab Team is currently working on a brand new Learning Management System to compliment our aldready well known Training Management System.

FrontCore rocket

"FrontCore is quick to announce new opportunities that will make our training management tasks even easier."

– Oddbjørn Granlund, Head of the Raminent School Norway

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