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Experience a seamless training delivery with the powerful integration of FrontCore Training Management System and Moodle™ Learning Management System.

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Key benefits

Unify Training Management and eLearning Delivery

Harness the unique capabilities of FrontCore’s TMS and Moodle’s LMS to revolutionize your training processes. This integration enables you to tap into the unique capabilities of both platforms, creating a cohesive, unified solution for your needs.

Automate for Efficiency

Set up your eLearning courses and let the two-way integration automatically synchronize information between FrontCore and Moodle. This eliminates manual data entry, saving you significant time and reducing the possibility of errors.

Expand Your Reach

By integrating FrontCore’s training management with Moodle’s comprehensive eLearning capabilities, you can cater to a wider audience across various geographic locations. This can significantly enhance your revenue and profit potential.

Optimal Resource Utilization

The synergy between FrontCore and Moodle allows you to optimize your resource allocation. With automation and improved management, your team can focus on strategic tasks rather than administrative ones. 

How Moodle integrates with FrontCore


Seamless Course Setup and Delegate Onboarding

You can easily set up an eLearning course in Moodle and connect it with the corresponding one in FrontCore. Any delegates signing up for the eLearning through FrontCore’s booking interfaces will automatically be fed into Moodle, receiving instant email notifications with their Moodle account login information.


Real-Time Progress Tracking

The progress of delegates in their eLearning courses is fed back into FrontCore’s delegate overview and the delegates’ training history in the Customer section. Delegates can view their progress and directly access their Moodle courses from their MyPage in FrontCore, facilitating an enhanced learning experience.

How Moodle works

Useful features in Moodle

orange-checked-symbol Customizable Course Design

orange-checked-symbol Collaborative Tools

orange-checked-symbol Gamification Features

orange-checked-symbol Detailed Reporting and Analytics

orange-checked-symbol Multilingual Capability

orange-checked-symbol Mobile learning

Awards and reviews


Diploma iconHigh Satisfaction and Market Presence (G2 spring 2023)

Diploma iconBest Software Awards (G2 2023, Best of Australia and New Sealand Sellers)

Diploma iconBest Open Source Platform (Forbes Advisor, Top Rated 2023)

Read Moodle customer reviews on G2 here 🔗

Moodle pricing

As an Open Source software distributed under the GNU General Public License, Moodle is freely available for anyone to utilize, modify, or expand, whether for commercial or non-commercial endeavors. This free access comes with zero licensing fees, opening the door to cost savings, adaptability, and the many other benefits that Moodle offers.

If you require assistance with customization, hosting, support, or training, Moodle’s Certified Partners and Service Providers are ready to collaborate with you to tailor Moodle to your unique needs.

FrontCore has a partnership with Efaktor, one of the worlds foremost experts on Moodle. If you want to connect FrontCore Training Management System with Moodle Learning Management System, we highly recommend you to use Efaktor as your service partner.

Data feed with Moodle

The FrontCore-Moodle integration is a two-way API feed. The figure below shows an example of how information flows between FrontCore and Moodle.

FrontCore icon Data flow  Moodle
Participant information


Learning progress


Learning progress

FrontCore icon Data flow  Moodle
Participant information


Learning progress


Learning progress

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