Issue beautiful digital certificates in seconds

Build your brand through unforgettable certificates. Save time with automated certificate production & distribution.


Let the system do your work

Replace your inefficient certificate issuing process with the fully integrated certificate issuing machine FrontCore Digital Certificates.

Create diploma template in FrontCore

Build your brand and customer relationships

Create and manage corporate branded certificate templates with ease. Use merge fields to personalize the certificates for your amazing customers.

Person receiving diploma
Diploma machine making diplomas

Time saving dilpoma issuing & delivery

Let the system generete the finished deplomas based on your templates and merge fields. Choose between manual or automatic certificate issuing, depending on what suits your needs. Feed the certificate into your customers “My page”, customer profile and booking module. Send it to them by email, or go for the good ol’ printed version.

Diploma machine making diplomas

Easy dilpoma resending

Find serial numbered, issued certificates in your certificate archive and resend them to your customers with just a few clicks.

Diploma in envelope

Save time.

Grow profitable.

The digital certificate module is one of many time-saving features in FrontCore Training Management System. Try FrontCore for free today.

Issue digital certificates for both real life & online training

Would you like to issue certificates from your online training through FrontCore? No problem. Use one of our Learning Management Integrations to do this seamlessly. Check out all our integration options here.

FrontCore integration echosystem

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