Get stuff done with Routines

Boost productivity and provide top customer service very efficiently with FrontCore Routine Module.

Routine Automation

Do less, create more

Tired of manual excecution of importan routines? The FrontCore Routine Module automates workflows and frees up time in your training organization. This means yout team can spend less time on repetitative tasks and more time on creating real value. Serve your customers efficiently at every important touch point in the customer journey, without having that heavy administrative burden of doing it all manually.  

FrontCore Routine Example

​Tailor to your unique needs

Tailor-make routines for timing, delivery method, recipients, places and courses. Use a big selection of merge fields to personalize your message, and add important attachments to keep both customers and emplyees informed.

Customer satisfaction

Provide top customer service

Efficiently serve your customers at every touch point in the customer journey. Let automatic email & SMS notifications drive your customers to higher customer satisfaction and build long lasting, revenue generating relationships.

Customer satisfaction

​No limits, no missing notifications

Set up an unlimited numbers of automatic routines to serve your customers and team. Use the dashboard to view all scheduled routines for the next 7 days, and check the log to find all previous notifications.

Feed with messages

Save time.

Grow profitable.

Routines are one of many time-saving features in FrontCore Training Management System. Try FrontCore for free today.

Connect the tools you need to grow

If you like our routine module, you might also like our integration options. Automate the feeding of information between your favorite systems and build the most powerful software echosystem for your business.

FrontCore integration echosystem

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