Secure GDPR Compliance for Your Training Business 

Introducing the GDPR Module, designed to help your training business ensure compliance and create privacy assurance for your customers and users. 


Stay Compliant and Build Trust with Our GDPR Module

With our user-friendly GDPR Module, easily manage data protection and privacy requirements while maintaining a focus on your core training services. The screenshot below highlights one of the module’s key capabilities – the search and anonymize feature – among its multiple compliance tools.

Screenshot of user-friendly GDPR Module interface for training providers, showcasing data protection and privacy management features.

Gain Trust and Protect Your Reputation

The GDPR Module is designed to build trust with your customers and protect your reputation by offering powerful tools like collecting opt-ins from forms and managing them at different levels. Demonstrate your commitment to privacy and compliance while simplifying these essential processes, ensuring your training business maintains a strong standing in the industry.

Shield with checkmark icon representing trust, security, and protection of training business reputation in data privacy and compliance
Gears with magnifying glass icon symbolizing comprehensive, user-friendly features for GDPR compliance management in training services

GDPR Compliance with User-Friendly Features

Effortlessly manage GDPR compliance with features such as searching, sharing, and handling deletion requests for personal data. By utilizing these functionalities, your training business can effectively address data protection concerns, making a positive impact on your customers’ confidence in your services and fostering long-lasting relationships.

Gears with magnifying glass icon symbolizing comprehensive, user-friendly features for GDPR compliance management in training services

GDPR Solution Tailored for Training Providers

Discover the benefits of our GDPR Module, encompassing a range of potent tools like the search and anonymize feature, and appreciate FrontCore’s dedication to privacy and compliance. With a solution specifically designed for training providers, you can concentrate on offering outstanding courses while being confident in your data management and compliance practices.

Lock with graduation cap icon signifying a robust GDPR solution tailored for training providers, ensuring data privacy while focusing on course delivery

Build trust.

Grow profitable. 

The GDPR Module is one of many trust building modules in FrontCore Training Management System. Try FrontCore for free today.

Feed Data from FrontCore to Your Other Favorite Systems

Do you need your training data to be registered in your training business’ other systems? No problem. Use our API or one of our integrations to feed information between systems automatically. Check out all our integration options here.

FrontCore integration echosystem

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