Accept online payments on your website and get securely paid in advance

Save time on billing and debt collection through accepting online payments at the time of booking

No development costs

No monthly payments

No lock-in contract period

Make it simple – Get started today!

  • Payment gateway in cooperation with Payex og Swedbank.
  • Complete payment solution with major credit cards
  • Get up and running with online payments in 3-7 days!
  • Reduce administration through less time spent invoicing and debt collection
  • Reduce loss from non-paid no shows
  • Incur transaction charges only when bookings are paid online
  • Get paid in advance and improve your liquidity
How does it work?

FrontCore has developed and set up the technical platform, and entered into the necessary commercial agreements with Payex and Swedbank, and thus it’s very easy for you to get started: Contact us and send us the information we need for setting up your production accountt, and we’ll do the rest. After only 3-7 days the payment solution is operational and you can start accepting online payments for booking on your classes.  Book a free demo with one our colleagues and we’ll help you get started.

Benefits from accepting online payments
The benefits of accepting online payments are many. You do not have to spend time on technical implementation – we do it for you. There are no commercial or technical agreements that need be entered into, nor is there a lock-in period. There are no start-up costs or fixed monthly costs. Only when you accept online payments from bookings will transaction costs be incurred. Get started and save time on billing and debt collection processes, as well as reduce losses from non-paid no shows.
How do I get started?

We are 100% focused on customer success and would like to to hear how we might be of help. Book a free demo with one our colleagues and we’ll help you get started.

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