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A Look Back on the Record Year 2018

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Years come and go, whilst FrontCore is growing even larger, developing new functions and setting new records.

The new year is fast approaching, which means that the time has come to summarize the year that has been. This year you will be served the 2018 summary in a clear infographic – but feel free to scroll past this and read more about the various events.

The record year 2019 part 1
The record year 2019 part 2

New CRM-manager

We started 2018 with a new addition to the FrontCore family: Our new CRM manager Jana.

Jana came to us with many years of experience from work where the customer has been in focus. She quickly became an important resource both for the dynamic FrontCore team and for all our fantastic customers.


FrontCore became an international solution for training management

After several years of increasing international interest in our training administration solutions, FrontCore went international with the solution in February 2018.

This means that FrontCore is now available in four different languages ​​(Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and English) and is possible to use for businesses that operate outside Norway’s borders – whether it is for large international companies that train in a number of different countries or for smaller courses located elsewhere in the world.

Following the international launch, we have already made good progress in Sweden. Already in March we got our first Swedish customer, and today we have over 100 processes ongoing in the Swedish market.

FrontCore became a registered trademark

When you have put a considerable amount of effort in terms of work, time and resources in a brand, you do not want anyone to abuse it. Therefore, we decided to secure the right to the unique characteristics that make our products and services stand out.

In August 2018, we made sure that FrontCore became a registered trademark and achieved trademark protection. That means no one else can use our trademark as a hallmark of their goods and/or services, and you can feel confident that everything that comes with the FrontCore brand is of quality.

Launch of new, exciting functions

FrontCore is constantly evolving and this year we have developed our training administration solution more than ever. Here are some of the most important points from the development front:

Module for competence certificate

Many of our customers have, over the years, reported administratively demanding processes for ordering competence certificates for their participants. This is what drove us to develop FrontCore’s module for competence certificates.

The competence certificate module enables a completely paperless competence proof process without time wastage. It immediately fell in good taste with the customers:

“Fantastic! Everyone who works with training management will like this very well!” was the first feedback on the newly built module.

Campaign URL Builder that gives you access to important data

We know how important it is for training providers to be able to analyze relevant data to maximize the impact of marketing efforts. That’s why we built a brand-new campaign URL module this year that lets you connect FrontCore to Google Analytics. It makes it possible to extract key figures that you can use to improve your training marketing strategy. Here are examples of what you can gain insight into:

  • Which campaign gives the most orders in numbers
  • Which campaign gives the most orders in values
  • Which campaign source gives the most orders in numbers
  • Which campaign source gives the most orders in values

Read more about the Campaign URL module here.

GDPR module that makes it easy to manage the GDPR principles correctly

In addition to updating our own routines, agreements and guidelines, we have also used 2018 to make it easier for training providers to comply with the new privacy legislation.

The result of this work is a complete GDPR module that is rich in functions that helps you manage the GDPR principles properly.

In addition, we have launched “My page”. This is a page that is created for all course participants who sign up for courses through a FrontCore form (either on your website or through Here, the participant can manage their own personal information, give and withdraw consent, request deletion of personal data, and follow up his own course execution and download course certificates.


Launch of upgraded booking module

FrontCore’s booking module simplifies the process of getting bookings from corporate customers by allowing their business customers to access a separate registration module where they can log in and make bookings on their own. In addition, registrants can see the status of the company’s registrations and the results of the course execution for each course participant.

In September, we upgraded the interface and added new functions that makes the registration module even more user-friendly. In addition, we opened up the opportunity to publish both internal and open courses in the booking module. The upgraded booking module makes it easier to provide good service and build customer loyalty through a user-friendly and time-saving tool for registration.

Other updates

In addition to the major updates and development of new functions in our training management system, we have made a number of minor (but useful) updates to existing functions. We have, among other things, upgraded the module for premises with new geographical search functions, opened up several navigation routes to the checklist module, created a more interactive dashboard and made it possible to register employees from different corporate customers on the same training through the customer module.

The blog has become a hit

2018 has definitely been FrontCore’s first, decent blog year. So far, we have published over 50 blog posts and articles on

Our goal has been to share the experiences and knowledge we have with after collaborating with training providers and operating in the training market for over 18 years.

The topics on the blog have been many and varied. We have blogged about how to stand out amongst competitors, GDPR , training administration , tips and tricks and much, much more.

So far, the feedback on the blog content has been exclusively positive.

Useful, downloadable content

In addition to blog content and news articles, we have also produced free and useful downloadable content that you can download and use to lift your business to new heights.

Presence on Linkedin

In FrontCore, we focus mainly on the corporate market. That made LinkedIn the obvious choice of channel in our decision to increase our visibility to existing customers, prospects, and partners.

We wanted to be more present and feel the pulse of the course and training industry. We wanted to create relationships on a more personal level and communicate with dedicated course- and training providers outside the mailing list.

We have achieved this in three ways:

In September, we launched two LinkedIn groups: Networks for course and training providers and Worldwide Training Provider Network . The aim of these was to create arenas for course- and training providers that made it possible to share ideas and experiences, best practices, help each other, build networks with professionals in the same industry and have fruitful discussions related to courses and training.

As of today, the formerly mentioned group has 367 members. Join the fun by signing up here.

Our presence on LinkedIn is also in the use of our corporate site and our personal LinkedIn profiles. We (the employees in FrontCore) engage in what we do and like to keep in touch with customers, partners and others in the same industry as us. You will find some of us here if you want to connect with us!

Worldwide Training Provider Nettverk For Kurs Og Opplærings Tilbyder

2018: A year with new records

As you can see, much has happened in FrontCore in 2018. And it has produced results.

The following are some of this year’s records worth noting:

  • “All time high” traffic on our marketplace for has increased by 4% compared to last year
  • “All time high” revenue growth of 70%
  • With over 50% growth in our customer portfolio, we also have growth records here.
  • We have never before had such long customers with training administration solution
  • So far this year, we have received a total of 133 new customers

We are ready for 2019 – are you?

2018 has laid a solid foundation for the coming year. We have many plans for 2019 and hope you will follow us on the journey into the future. We can promise a lot of exciting content, new functionality and new records in 2019!

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Author: Eline Hagene

Author: Eline Hagene

Inbound Marketing Manager

Eline produces content to help training providers achieve a more efficient and profitable training day. She is certified in the Inbound methodology through Hubspot and has completed a Bachelor of Marketing management at BI Norwegian School of Management. Visit Eline’s LinkedIn profile here.

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