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Publishing new courses and course dates is easier than ever before. We have now developed a autofill function that makes it easy to publish a number of course dates at the same time. Also: You can now create course templates from courses you already have saved in FrontCore. This means that creating new courses will be done in 1-2-3. 

In addition to these course publishing news, we have updated the web integration with a price column. This means that you can now present your prices in the course calendar on your website – if you want to.

Let’s take a closer look at the new features.


Publish new course dates in one swipe with autofill

Autofill makes it easy to add multiple course dates at once. This means that publishing new course dates will be faster and more efficient than ever.

Here’s how autofilling works:

  • Check “Autofill” when you want to publish several course dates with the same values
  • The system will then copy the selected values ​​for all the course dates you select in the date selector.
  • Change one or more values ​​in the Autofiller to get new values ​​in the next course dates you select

The benefits of autofill:

  • Publish multiple course dates at once, quickly and easily, without having to enter the same values ​​repeatedly.


Create course templates from courses you already have in your database

Over a year ago, we launched course templates in FrontCore. Course templates are templates you can create and use as a starting point when you publish new open courses or create in-house courses for your corporate customers.

Now we also make it possible to create course templates from existing courses that you already have saved in FrontCore. In other words, you do not have to build up the course template from scratch if you want to create a template based on a course you already have.

Not only is it faster to create templates and thus also new courses; The feature also makes it easy to create in-house versions of your open courses.

 This is how creating templates from existing courses works:

  • Go to the course overview and find the course you want to create a template from. Then select “Create template” in the action menu on the right.
  • The values ​​from the course you created the template from will automatically be copied into a course template layout. There, you can edit and make desired changes to the template.

Make a template from course

The benefits of making templates from existing courses:

  • Spend less time creating in-house courses by creating templates based on already open courses you have already saved in your solution.
  • Spend less time creating new variations of existing courses.


Show your pricing in your course calendar

With visible regular prices and promotional prices in your course calendar, it will be easier for your website visitors to see your good prices, and thus also easier for them to decide to sign up for courses with you.

Make it easier for potential customers to choose the course that suits them best by showing the price of the courses you offer.

The new pricing column features:

  • Choose whether you want to hide or show a price column in your course calendar.
  • If you choose to display your prices, promotional prices and regular prices will be visible in the calendar.

The benefits of the new pricing volumn:

  • Make it easier for potential customers to choose the course that suits them best by presenting your prices in the course calendar.


Contact us here if you have any questions about the new features!

Sincerely, The FrontCore Team

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Author: Eline Hagene

Author: Eline Hagene

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