4 common issues small training providers face

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Are you a small training provider that´s drowning in manual work and lacking the time to do something about it? Don´t worry because you are not alone. Small training providers struggle with a lot of common issues without even knowing it. This due to being extremely busy with their daily operations. Below I present common issues small training providers face and tips to solve them.


Finding participants

As a small training provider, and as a small business in general, it can be difficult to find participant/customers. Today’s market is very competitive which only makes it harder. Every training provider and business faces this challenge, but for smaller businesses it is more significant. More participants equal more profit and opportunities for growth. But how can you get more participants?


How to get more participants.

The key to finding participants is to make yourself stand out in the crowd. And how exactly do you do that? There is a lot of ways you can stand out and one of them is by focusing on reviews. 1. Reviews are always good to highlight on your website because many customers read and trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Nearly four in five consumers say they trust the reviews they read as much as personal recommendations. In order for this to be an option you have to offer excellent customer service.

  1. Another solution is getting a good booking form on your website for easy and fast registration. With FrontCore solutions you can get a customized booking form for your website for easier registration on courses.


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Lack of time

As a small training provider, time is never on your side. The lack of time often comes from the amount of manual work being done in the business. There is a lot of routines that needs to be followed in a training business, and this can be very time consuming. Big amounts of manual work and the lack of time can after while become a huge burden for your employees and business. Stress is something that can stand in the way of success in your business as it limits you and your employees. Stress can make also cause you to be less productive and make you not think clearly. So, how can you free up time and reduce the stress?


How to save time on a daily basis

By spending less time on each of your daily tasks you are going to save a big amount of time during a work day. With a training management system, you can automate these daily tasks and can free up large amounts of time. There is a lot of ways your tasks can be automated. Some examples are automated emails and SMS notifications. Stress at work comes from tasks being too time-consuming and with automated tasks you can reduce the stress level significantly.


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Manual work

Another common issue amongst small training providers is the amount of manual work. Many providers schedule participants manually into courses via phone and email due to not having a booking form on their website. And even if they do have a booking form, they perform all the managing in excel sheets. With the increase of participants, this will become hard to keep up with as it is very time consuming. Another example of this is sending out emails. Many training providers send out fixed emails both before and after courses. Automating these processes can save you a lot of time and energy. With courses also comes the work with generating and sending out certificates. On big courses with a lot of participants doing this work manually one at time is not sufficient. How can you be more efficient?


Automated daily tasks

There is a lot of ways you can automate these things; one example is a routine module. A routine module is somewhere you can set up ways to contact your participants. Here you can set up automatic mailings for participants and instructors. You can also set up the mailings for hours, days or months in advance after the course. If you set this as a routine in the routine module, this will keep going by itself until you decide to end it. With a training management system, like FrontCore, you can generate and send out certificates a lot faster with automated solutions.

Apart from this you can also set up automatic certificates. With the help of a template and a set of merge fields, you can issue and send out certificates to the participants, automatically.


Appear professional

Looking professional is also important and especially for small training providers. It can be hard as a small business to be taken seriously in the market. Appearing professional is crucial in order to get more participants. Participants can be unsure of you and question if you really are good at your job. How can you appear more professional?


Tips on how to appear professional

Creating a good and modern website is important in order to look professional. It should for instance be easy for your potential participants to sign up to your courses, as well as it should be pleasing to the eye. As mentioned earlier, you can create your own booking form which makes it easy to sign up. With an online registration system you can tailor both a training calendar and booking form to fit your brand and website.

Good customer service makes your customers happy and it also makes you appear more professional. If you switch up your manual daily tasks and make them automated, you can please your customers better. This because communication with the customer goes both smoother and faster.

Solve your challenges today

Do you feel that you are having any of these common issues in your training business? A training management system is a system that can help you automate your daily tasks, create a booking form and save time. Our FrontCore automated system can help you with this and much more. Read more about our training management system here.

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Author: Rikke Neverdal

Author: Rikke Neverdal

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