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Design stunning e-learning courses and blended learning in Thinkific Learning Management System.

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Key Benefits

Get the best of both worlds

Combine your favorite TMS with your favorite LMS to experience the smooth transition between training management and online training delivery. Deliver fantastic online courses designed on 1-2-3 in Thinkific, while effectively managing the courses in FrontCore.


Automatic information flow

Transfer information between systems completely automatically, without the need for human touch. That means time saved and fewer mistakes.

Access everywhere 24/7

Manage your courses anywhere, anytime. Offer your delegates the same freedom when they are taking your courses.

Reach a broader audience

Reach a wider audience and increase your income and profit potential with efficient management combined with modern training methods.

How Thinkific integrates with FrontCore

When two systems feels like one

Design fantastic online courses in Thinkific and manage them just as easily as attendance-based courses in FrontCore. An automatic API feed eliminates repetitive manual work, so you can sit back and watch the systems handle the registrations as if they were one complete system.



Makes it easy to be your customer

When a participant signs up for e-learning or blended learning through one of FrontCore’s many enrollment options, they automatically gain access to the enrolled course in Thinkific through “My Page” in FrontCore. The participant can also use their “My page” to follow their own progress and recieve their course certificates after completing the course.

Usefull features in Thinkific 

orange-checked-symbol Multiple types of online learning courses

orange-checked-symbol “Drag and drop” course design tools

orange-checked-symbol Content storage

orange-checked-symbol Quizzes and surveys

orange-checked-symbol Tools for participant communication

orange-checked-symbol Coupons

orange-checked-symbol Private and hidden courses

orange-checked-symbol Membership and packages

orange-checked-symbol Certificates

orange-checked-symbol Advanced HTML and CSS adaptions

orange-checked-symbol Tasks

orange-checked-symbol Live teaching with Zoom

orange-checked-symbol Discussions

orange-checked-symbol Video hosting

orange-checked-symbol Pre-recorded lessons

orange-checked-symbol Multiple instructors

orange-checked-symbol Cohorts

orange-checked-symbol Progress tracking

Awards and reviews


Diploma iconTop 20 Learning Management System Software (2020)

Diploma iconTop 20 Training Software (2020)

Read Thinkific customer reviews here 🔗 

Thinkific pricing

You can save 20% on the prices shown below if you choose annual payment. Thinkific also offers a 30 day free trial where you can test Thinkific’s different packages for free.

*These prices are for display purposes only. All prices are taken from Thinkific’s website and do not necessarily include taxes, incentives, discounts or other price variables. You should contact Thinkific directly for up-to-date and accurate pricing information. FrontCore does not take responsibility for this pricing information. Price last updated: 31.01.2021.

Data feed and permissions

Data sharing

The FrontCore-Thinkific integration is a two-way API feed. The figure below shows an example of how information flows between FrontCore and Thinkific.

FrontCore Data flow Thinkific logo
Delegate information




FrontCore Data flow Thinkific logo
Delegate information






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