4 Tips for Effective Marketing of Your Training

by | Jul 10, 2019 | Marketing

Man gives 4 tips for effective course marketing for a small team

Do you wish to increase the number of participants on your training in 2019 – without spending large amounts on marketing? Here are 4 simple and effective marketing tips for you.


Be present at the right time

The start of a new year means a new start for many. You may have set some goals for who you want to be and what you want to do in 2019.

Combined with unused budgets of the companies, this New Year trend contributes to January being the high season for training registrations, which is therefore the time to be visible.

This means that you should make a significant contribution to the marketing front now, at the beginning of the year, before your competitors hijack your potential training participants.

Also, remember that, in addition to the general high season registration rates, (beginning of the year and August), there may be separate high seasons for each training type you offer. A good example is kayaking courses, which have their peak season in the summer.

Unsure of the high season for registration on your training? Look at the registration history of your training. In what time periods do you get the most registrations?


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Be present in the right place

You’ve probably heard it before, but it can’t be emphasized often enough that the choice of marketing channels should be based on where you can reach those who are in your target audience.

Here you likely make one or two very common mistakes.


“We must be visible everywhere” error

The first mistake is that you get caught up in thinking that you must be present in all possible channels and reach out to as many as possible.

If you operate in a niche segment, this will be meaningless and a waste of resources. You will not receive more training registrations, even if you are visible to thousands of people, if none of them are interested in what you are offering.

When planning your marketing for 2019, you should exclude those channels that take unnecessary resources and give little value. Instead, focus on the channels that allow you to target your marketing to your actual audience.


“Social media is the only way” error

The other likely mistake is getting hung up on social media and forgetting about other, perhaps far more effective channels for marketing your training.

Mann låst til mobiltelefon

Think about the websites your potential participants are using and whether it is possible to reach out to them with advertising there. The more targeted you can do the marketing, the better.

For example, ledernytt.no can be relevant for marketing training for managers, while fiskeavisen.no is more ideal for training in fly casting.

If you run a course, a course portal like Kursguiden.no is also an ideal marketing channel. Here, you not only have the opportunity to reach the right target group, but you also reach the target audience when they are in the right mode: Namely, in search of courses in your course category.

Also, don’t forget the more traditional marketing channels. Perhaps a poster in the local library is more effective marketing for your dance classes for older people than an ad on Instagram.

In other words, choose the marketing channels that let you reach your audience and don’t forget that social media is just one of many opportunities.


Follow up with marketing of completed training

Many people are good at implementing marketing initiatives ahead of training completion but forget to follow up with marketing along the way and after the course. Once one course is completed, the focus is immediately shifted onto the next.

This is a pity. There can be a lot of value in marketing completed courses.

By showing how parts of the teaching take place, communicating how successful a training has been and sharing positive quotes from satisfied training participants, you create a sense of security with your potential future participants. Make them think: “I want to be part of that too. When is the next training?”

The tip is thus: Use completed courses to promote your next courses. This also brings us to our 4th and last tip:

Kokk tar selfie med kursdeltakere


Make your customers market for you

Statements from existing and past customers are the most credible form of marketing. All businesses can boast of their achievements, but letting others boast for them is much more effective.

90% say they can be influenced by customer reviews when making a purchase decision. This means that good customer reviews are a very effective form of marketing.

Unfortunately though, feedback is often not given unless you ask for them.

We have, therefore, written a blog post with how to easily collect customer reviews that you can use in your marketing.

Also, remember the effect of word of mouth. Even if you don’t choose to share the feedback, your customers can choose to do it on their own. So, be sure to deliver some really good training to help your customers spread positive words about you and your business.

There we go. Those were the 4 simple and effective marketing tips that you could use to get more participants in 2019. All you have to do now is to put them into action.

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Author: Eline Hagene

Author: Eline Hagene

Inbound Marketing Manager

Eline produces content to help training providers achieve a more efficient and profitable course day. She is certified in the Inbound methodology through Hubspot and has completed a Bachelor of Marketing management at BI Norwegian School of Management. Visit Eline’s LinkedIn profile here.

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