Top 5 Training Management Solution Myths Dispelled

by | Aug 6, 2020 | Training Management

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Are you considering purchasing a training management system, but are concerned about whether or not it will pay off for your business?

Adoption of a new software often creates uncertainty, so we don’t blame you. Training professionals often share the same concerns and objections, so we thought it might be helpful to share 5 of our most commonly encountered myths associated with training management software.

Let’s debunk some myths!


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“Our business is too small”

Many associate automated solutions with large and complex businesses. Therefore, smaller companies often choose to avoid acquiring such software.

A system for training and course management suits companies of all sizes and shapes. Most solutions can be customized to fit the size of the business by tailoring the modules to suit your needs. Choosing a training management software when your business is small helps your business grow bigger from the start. What is better than a tailor-made system that can save you unnecessary administrative work right from the beginning?


“We’re not ready for change”

Changing old routines and habits can be one of the most daunting things when it comes to acquiring something new and innovative. Thus, breaking out of routines is not a top priority for most training companies.

Unfortunately, the fear of change is widespread. But with the incredible pace of technological development in digitalization, it is necessary to be forward-looking.

The real risk is not to adapt to the development, but to stand still. This will prevent you from moving forward, making you lose the chance to improve and fall behind your competitors in terms of development.

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“It is too expensive”

As a rule, the costs that come with training management software are the first and often the most important criteria for acquisition.

Such an investment is expensive, but many forget about how beneficial this is in the long run.

Return on investment, ROI, is a term that is often used in the context of explaining how much value you get for your buck. It is important to balance the cost with how much one is left over with and how much this will save your business over time. If you can save 61% of the time you would otherwise spend on course administrative tasks, and spend time delivering more courses, as well as performing more value-adding tasks,  will it really be expensive over time?

And remember: Most Training software providers offer package pricing. This often means great value for money. Some also offer discounts for small businesses. A training management solution might not be as expensive as you think it is.

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“Unable to connect to other systems”

Many avoid purchasing training management software because they believe the systems cannot be connected to other necessary systems used in conjunction with training management. Many express that the most important thing is the ability to connect the solutions to invoice systems, such as VISMA.

The truth is that most course management solutions can be connected to all systems that have an API reception. This makes it easy to integrate the various systems and helps to create a good flow in the administrative tasks of the business.


“A TMS is complicated to learn”

Of course, anything new will be challenging to some extent. But remember not to paint all the software with the same brush. A well-designed software should be easy to use if you have been guided through its implementation.

Most course management software is easy to use. Also: Providers usually offer training to help you get started. Before you know it, the system will be natural to use it in your everyday work.


Try a Training management software for free

There is nothing that should keep you from using a training management system that can help your business grow over the next year. Did you know that FrontCore offers tailor-made management solutions for your training and courses? Read more about training management from FrontCore here or try it for free here.

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Author: Eline Hagene

Author: Eline Hagene

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